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Kategori: DVDR PAL Storlek: 8.85 GiB Walt Disney Treasures Silly Symphonies Release Date: 03/02/04 Street Date: 19/11/03 Production Year: 2003 MDB Rating : N/A MDB/WEB Link: N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subs: [X] Danish..... [X] English.... Audio: [ ] Danish-.... [ ] Other...... [X] Swedish.... [ ] Dutch...... [ ] Swedish.... --------------- [X] Norwegian.. [ ] German..... [ ] Norwegian.. [ ] 6.1 Channel [X] Suomi...... [ ] Luganda.... [ ] Suomi...... [ ] 5.1 Channel [ ] Faeroya.... [ ] Other...... [X] English.... [X] 2.0 Channel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video: [ ] Untouched.. [ ] 16:9 Widescreen.... Extras: [ ] Untouched.......... [X] Downsampled [X] 4:3 Full Screen.... [ ] Fully Stripped..... [5] Passes..... [ ] 4:3 Widescreen..... [ ] Partially Stripped. [ ] Bitrate.... [X] Downsampled........ [ ] Bitrate............ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Region: [X] PAL..... [ ] NTSC.... mage Type: .img...... Files: 94x50........ 95x50........ ________________________________________ / .// d e s c r i p t i o n \. __ _______/ ___///____________________________________________\\___________/__ /\____________________________________________// n 1928 when Walt Disneys artists completed The Skeleton Dance the distributor of the Mickey Mouse shorts rejected the first Silly Symphony with a two-word telegram: MORE MCE. Disney arranged to screen Skeleton Dance at the Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles where it received an enthusiastic response and the series took off. Seven Silly Symphonies won Academy Awards beginning with Flowers and Trees. Disney used these musically themed shorts to train young artists and test new styles effects and technologies: every film represented an innovation of some sort. n Three Little Pigs characters who looked alike demonstrated different personalities through the way they moved. The Old Mill showcased the newly invented Multiplane camera. The Sugar Cookie Girl in Cookie Carnival was one of several female characters the artists created while learning to animate a believable heroine for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The well-chosen selections in this set demonstrate how quickly Disney advanced the art of animation during the 30s. Only eight years separate the crude black-and-white version of The Ugly Duckling 1931 from the moving Technicolor Oscar-winner of 1939. Over 60 years later these films have lost none of their charm. The jazz-dancing insects in Woodland Caf the wonderfully animated caricature of Mae West in Who Killed Cock Robin and the instrument-characters in Music Land remain as delightful as ever. Leonard Maltin makes a genial host and two hidden cartoons include Walts introductions from the old Disneyland program. --Charles Solomon Video description Fables and Fairy Tales: Mother Goose Melodies Babes in the Woods Lullaby Land The Flying Mouse The Golden Touch The Robber Kitten Elmer Elephant The Country Cousin and The Tortoise and the Hare. Favorite Characters: Three Little Pigs The Wise Little Hen Three Little Wolves Toby Tortoise Returns and The Big Bad Wolf. Leonard Maltins Picks: The Grasshopper and the Ants The Tortoise and the Hare The Flying Mouse The Country Cousin Wynken Blynken and Nod and The Three Little Pigs. Accent on Music: The Skeleton Dance The China Plate Egyptian Melodies Flowers and Trees The Cookie Carnival Music Land and Woodland Caf. Nature on the Screen: Birds of a Feather The Busy Beavers The Ugly Duckling 1931 Just Dogs Father Noahs Ark Funny Little Bunnies Peculiar Penguins Mother Pluto The Old Mill and The Ugly Duckling 1939. Leonard Maltins Picks : The Skeleton Dance Flowers and Trees Music Land and The Ugly Duckling.
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Farmen (2014)

30min  Reality-TV
ReleaseDate: ---
Rating: 5.4 / 

Swedish version of the reality show in which six women and six men are thrown together to survive as farmers without the luxuries of running water, electricity and mobile telephones.

Linda Isacsson / Paolo Roberto / Hans FahlÚn / Gustav LorenzDetails for "Farmen (2014)"

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