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Category: TV-Boxset Size: 29.81 GB : 0 : 1 Added: , 14:23:37 Description: [pre]..: This release is CCE certified :.. ::: PROUDLY PRESENTS ::: : - Midsomer Murders Season 12 Episode 3 - : ::: RELEASE NFO ::: ---- DVD DATE: xxxx-xx-xx RUNTME: 90 Minutes GENRE...: Crime / Drama SOURCE.: DVD9 PAL REL DATE: 2011-07-11 SZE...: 95x50MB MDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1447349/ XX ::: PLOT ::: Dont expect us to start writing plots... ::: RELEASE SPECS ::: X----X : : VDEO..: 6050 @ 6-pass
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After a break-in at Causton Museum where an animal skeleton is stolen ex-spy Brenda Packard tells Barnaby that Allenby House, owned by testy ex-spymaster Malcolm Frazer, is a safe house for agents. Geoffrey Larkin, a visiting former agent, has a bitter argument with Frazer, who accuses him of treachery when they were spying in Berlin during the Cold war. Larkin threatens Frazer with a dossier marked 'Wolfman' and next day is murdered, seemingly by a wild animal, the legendary Beast of Midsomer. Frazer's drunkard son Nicky, another ex-spy ,is killed in identical fashion but Barnaby realizes that the 'Beast' is but a cover. The true murderer is seeking revenge for betrayal back in Berlin two decades earlier when they were involved with secrets and spies. Written bydon @ minifie-1
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Secrets and Spies (2009)

1h 33min  Crime / Drama / Mystery
ReleaseDate: 2009-09-20

7.6 / 

A number of murders near a government safe house in Midsomer appears to be connected to a group of British spies stationed in East Berlin during the Cold War.

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As has been said by me a number of times, 'Midsomer Murders' is one of my most watched and most re-watched shows. It is nowhere near as good now and the Tom Barnaby-era wasn't alien to average or less episodes, but when it was on form or at its be...

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