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Kategori: DVDR PAL Storlek: 4.45 GiB N N NN NOT4SALE NOT4SALE N N NOT4SALE OO O O O O O O O O T T T T T T T T T T 4 4 4 4 4 4SALEN 4 4 4 4 S S S S S O SS S ALE- A A A A A T A A A A L LL A L 4 L LL L E E EE ELAS E ELAS4TON ELAS4TON PREENT The.Crucible.1996.PAL.MULTSUBS.DVDR-NOT4SALE Release notes DVD notes Genre....... Drama Audio... [ ] English 5.1 DTS DVD Rel..... 04/2004 [X] English 5.1 Scene Rel... 10/2004 [ ] English 2.0 MDB Rating. 6.8 3712 votes [X] Other See notes Runtime..... 124 min Video...... [X] Untouched Rars........ 95 x 50 mb [ ] Re-Encoded Rar Name.... nfs-crucible.rxx [ ] Passes Region...... [ ] NTSC Avg.Bitrate [ kbit] [X] PAL DVD Extras. [X] Untouched Source...... [ ] DVD5 [ ] Re-Encoded [X] DVD9 [ ] Passes [X] DVD Retail Extras Bitrate [ kbit] Extras.. [X] None On Source [ ] All ncluded Asp. Ratio [X] 16:9 WS [ ] Partial Stripped [ ] 4:3 FS [ ] Fully Stripped Subs [ ]None [X]Swedish [X]English [X]Norwegian [X]French [X]Danish [X]Dutch [X]German [X]Finnish [ ]celandic [X]Spanish [ ]Polish [X]Greek [ ]Czech [X]Portuguese [X]talian [ ]Arabic [ ]Hungarian [X]Turkish [X]Russian Plot A 17th-century Salem woman accuses an ex-lovers wife of witchery in an adaptation of the Arthur Miller play Notes English 5.1 French and German 2.0 others ripped...Enjoy :
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A small group of teen girls in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts caught in an innocent conjuring of love potions to catch young men are forced to tell lies that Satan had invaded them and forced them to participate in the rites and are then forced to name those involved. Thrown into the mix are greedy preachers and other major landowners trying to steal others' land and one young woman infatuated with a married man and determined to get rid of his innocent wife. Arthur Miller wrote the events and the subsequent trials where those who demanded their innocence were executed, those who would not name names were incarcerated and tortured, and those who admitted their guilt were immediately freed as a parable of the Congressional Communist witch hunts led by Senator Joe McCarthy in 1950's America. Written byJohn Sacksteder

The Crucible (1996)

2h 4min  Drama / History
ReleaseDate: 1996-11-27
Rating: 6.8 / 

A Salem resident attempts to frame her ex-lover's wife for being a witch in the middle of the 1692 witchcraft trials.

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There is nothing I like better than a good play for the stage, even when it is on screen. This is the second time I have been able to see this worthy conversion of Arthur Miller's classic play adapted to the screen. Nicholas Hytner certainly earnt...

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