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Category: HD1080p Size: 5.49 GB : 1 : 1 Added: , 04:53:43 Description: [pre]/ Release Date :2011/07/08 Video Bitrate :X264 9413K Audio Bitrate :AC3 640K Language :Swedish Subtitles:N/A Resolution :1920 x1040 Running Time :78Mins FiLe size :1CD 59x100MB / Stuart.Little.2.2002.Swedish.1080p.BluRay.x264-FLHD[/pre]
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Stuart's mother is being over-protective of him, especially when he narrowly escapes injury in a soccer game. His big brother George has also made a new friend, Will, so Stuart is feeing lonely. Stuart rescues a canary, Margalo, from a falcon; she moves in with the Littles. One day, Margalo is nowhere to be found, so Stuart and Snowbell set out across the city to find her while George covers for Stuart (the first time he's had to lie). Written byJon Reeves

Stuart Little 2 (2002)

1h 17min  Animation / Adventure / Comedy
ReleaseDate: 2002-07-19

5.5 / 

Stuart and Snowbell set out across town to rescue a friend.

User Reviews

Some cartoons, even those aimed primarily at children, are still well worth seeing for adults. I was hoping Stuart Little 2 would be one of those, but it falls just a little short of the mark. It's cute, and it's funny enough to have kept me fro...

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