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# title Changes Date Added by
4 Addons *Added a -FAiLARMY function to quickedit faulty releasenames.
*Added a scriptchecker that analyse the quality of stored strings from the rss-reader and the .sh-scripts (imdb, mailservice, cleanup, rebootservice)
2019-12-30 12:44:21 Leffe
3 Addons *Added full support for Emojis in the chat.
*Added a few Emojis in a standalone collapsable div named "Emojis".
*Added Full support for Emojis in comments.
*Buggfix: Fixed problem with -GROUP function combined with the search query.
*Added a christmas function that automagically changes the logo to ST-AVGEND_2-JUL.png between 24th dec and 6th jan.
2019-12-24 18:35:24 Yummii
2 Bugfix and Addons *Group-tag didnt work with just lowercase.
*Search didnt work with older imdb-links.
*The chat didnt load in Brave-browser.
*Brave-browser supported.
*Opera-Browser supported.
*Mozilla optimization.
*CSS-Fix, Hard to see some text in light theme is now fixed.
2019-12-23 21:31:46 Yummii
1 introducing Changelog *Added a Changelog (only 2y2m after first version of Swetracker lol)
*Added a search for releasegroup
*Cleaned up the chat
*Added the function Linki_Everythingi to the chat
*Optimized the search-sql
*Optimized the chat and its load
*Added some statlogs to see if the server hogs
*Updated the langfiles
2019-12-12 21:31:20 yummii