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7 Addons *Redefined the footer of every page.
*Optimized the .json-api.
*Optimized the RSS-feed.
*Added a contact-page.
*Added VPNBasen as a RSS-Feed here ->https://swetracker.org/v2/vpnbasen
*Added a failsafe to the backup-system. It checks if the backup-script is running every hour.
2020-03-07 00:49:14 Leffe
6 Addon *Added 4 new fonts for sitewide usage. includes not logged in users. Arial is set as standard.
*Fully functional cast search. included in the json-api too.
2020-03-01 18:44:07 Leffe
5 Fix • Additional time to memcache.
• optimization of the varnish server. The cache didnt fully do its job.
• imdb info where not fetched from the cachefiles, but directly from the database. Now it caches when it's added and only serves the cache if its present, else it fetches from db one time and then caches it.
2020-02-25 17:08:04 Yummii
4 Addons *Added a -FAiLARMY function to quickedit faulty releasenames.
*Added a scriptchecker that analyse the quality of stored strings from the rss-reader and the .sh-scripts (imdb, mailservice, cleanup, rebootservice)
2019-12-30 12:44:21 Leffe
3 Addons *Added full support for Emojis in the chat.
*Added a few Emojis in a standalone collapsable div named "Emojis".
*Added Full support for Emojis in comments.
*Buggfix: Fixed problem with -GROUP function combined with the search query.
*Added a christmas function that automagically changes the logo to ST-AVGEND_2-JUL.png between 24th dec and 6th jan.
2019-12-24 18:35:24 Yummii
2 Bugfix and Addons *Group-tag didnt work with just lowercase.
*Search didnt work with older imdb-links.
*The chat didnt load in Brave-browser.
*Brave-browser supported.
*Opera-Browser supported.
*Mozilla optimization.
*CSS-Fix, Hard to see some text in light theme is now fixed.
2019-12-23 21:31:46 Yummii
1 introducing Changelog *Added a Changelog (only 2y2m after first version of Swetracker lol)
*Added a search for releasegroup
*Cleaned up the chat
*Added the function Linki_Everythingi to the chat
*Optimized the search-sql
*Optimized the chat and its load
*Added some statlogs to see if the server hogs
*Updated the langfiles
2019-12-12 21:31:20 yummii